Perimeter Security that Protects Property and Peace of Mind

Brand Story – AMAROK safeguards Oregon businesses with effective electric fencing and security services.

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When running a company, certain challenges come with the territory—from securing funding to fine-tuning logistics to scaling up. Unfortunately, too many business owners find themselves consumed by a hurdle they never anticipated: property crime. AMAROK’s electrified security fencing and security-as-a-service model provide a safe, easy way for them to protect inventory and get back to running their companies in peace. 

“Our customers didn’t go into business to learn about security and spend all their time on that,” reminds Rachel Garrison, Oregon Account Executive, AMAROK. “Every customer I’ve spoken with has told me that once we installed our fence, crime stopped, and that they wish they’d known about this option earlier.” 

The security-as-a-service approach lets business owners avoid large upfront costs by paying a monthly service fee that covers permitting, installation, maintenance, service, full perimeter monitoring, and the security fence’s liability. 

AMAROK’s flagship 10-foot-tall electric fence is installed behind a non-electrified barrier as an additional layer of perimeter protection, discouraging and physically preventing anyone from accessing assets stored outdoors. Once installed, the security solution is 99 percent effective at preventing external theft.

Called The Electric Guard Dog™, the name pays homage to AMAROK’s roots as a guard dog service company launched in 1973. 

Typical client industries include distribution, trucking, collision repair, car rentals, landscaping, and other organizations that store valuable inventory on property. 

“We believe in perimeter security. Cameras are great for intel, but if a camera is activated, someone is already on your property,” Garrison explains. “Electrified security fencing is a fantastic solution because there’s no human factor. It’s always there protecting your entire property. Security guards can only be in one spot at a time, and criminals can plan around that.”

For companies required to have security guards, AMAROK fencing allows for the reduction of security staff and improved safety. 

The Electric Guard Dog™ utilizes a low voltage pulsed electric current safe for animals and people, even individuals with a pacemaker. If someone is brazen enough to attempt a breach of the fence, not only does this deliver a shock, but it allows for perimeter monitoring. A disruption of the current sends the system into alarm and notifies necessary individuals or authorities. 

Despite all these lines of defense at the ready, the solution aims to deter intruders from any attempt. 

“Nobody wants anyone to touch the fence.”, Garrison elaborates. “We want people to see the warning signs and move on.” 

AMAROK’s security-as-a-service model sets the solution apart, freeing customers from dealing with maintenance, repairs, or upgrades. It also lets them add layers of security and adapt the offering as necessary. Clients who opt to add visual surveillance to the fence, for example, benefit from immediate dual verification (the fence alarm and camera visual), a prerequisite in Oregon for timely police response. While at home or traveling, owners can freely check in on their property for added peace of mind. 

This smart approach to perimeter security has empowered thousands of businesses nationwide to protect their products and their people and take back their company’s future. Garrison’s favorite cases are ones in which AMAROK significantly improved the business owner’s quality of life. 

“With smaller businesses, it’s not uncommon for somebody to sleep in an RV on their property to protect it. I’ve run into that several times. It’s dangerous,” Garrison continues. “Our solution would prevent anyone from having to be on-site to physically watch the property.” 

This means fewer missed meals at home, fewer sleepless nights, and a reprieve from the constant threat of theft, which has become increasingly more sophisticated. 

Just one attack can end a small business. An Oregon business loses an estimated $83 thousand annually due to property crime. The impacts go beyond the cost of losing and replacing property—damaging reputation and client trust, which are often harder to rectify. Due to backlogs of materials, such as those caused by COVID-19, stolen items were sometimes literally irreplaceable, halting operations. 

Every new customer relationship begins with a tailored business case that considers the company’s assets, site specifications, and regional crime statistics. From there, AMAROK drafts an ROI report that calculates each company’s risks and current costs, which can include the financial burden of potential theft, time wasted on monitoring property and guarding inventory, opportunity cost, and security expenses (barbed wire fencing, security guards, etc.). On average, AMAROK saves Oregon businesses a total of $61.5 thousand per location annually.

Its security solution can impact a business’s bottom line by allowing management to streamline operations and focus on revenue-generating tasks, instead of walking the perimeter or implementing other time-consuming security measures.

“We’re not just preventing theft, but also improving operations,” Garrison says. “I talked to someone yesterday who was bringing their trucks in every night and then bringing them back out every morning. That adds an hour and a half of work each day. By allowing them to securely leave their trucks out at night, we can help with their operational efficiency.” 

Oregon supports an organization’s right to protect its property safely and legally. As of January 2023, a new state law confirms that business owners can install battery-charged electrified security fencing under most circumstances. Having worked with Oregon’s state and city legislators for decades, AMAROK ensures a streamlined, compliant, responsible solution that lets both multistate corporations and small entrepreneurial teams get back to running their core businesses.

In Portland, where property crime is 300 percent above the national average, Garrison encourages businesses to explore all available options for protecting their hard-earned livelihood, today and well into the future.

“This is where we live. None of us want crime here,” Garrison concludes. “I’m just happy that we have a solution that gives business owners a fighting chance. They deserve it.”

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