Eco Zoned


Travelers have always come to Oregon for its natural beauty. But will the increasing popularity of agritourism, European-style hiking getaways and forest resorts relax Oregon’s notoriously strict land-use laws?

Fighting Fire With Fire

Timber companies and environmental groups take a stab at collaboration to boost logging and restoration in Oregon fires.

Emperor of the Sea

Pacific Seafood, one of the world’s largest processors, is rebranding as a more transparent and consumer-friendly operation. A controversial CEO and monopoly accusations from coastal fishermen complicate the tale.

Beam Me Up

A “tall timber” alliance aims to position Oregon as a front runner in the glamorous new world of wooden skyscrapers.

Fly Zone


The black soldier fly’s larvae are among the most ravenous and least picky eaters on earth.

Shifting Ground

Bans on genetically modified crops create uncertainty for farmers.

Grape Expectations

Well-financed outsiders from France and California are buying up vineyards and wineries in the Willamette Valley.

A Good Leap Forward


Agriculture businesses ramp up to meet international demand as workforce and succession challenges loom.