Angel and VC Investors: Due Diligence Needs to Be a Two-Way Street

For a startup to stay in business, one of two things has to happen.  Either the company has to generate a profit, or the company needs to find someone willing to fund its losses.  The most important job of the CEO of any startup is to make sure that at least one of these two … Read more

On Solid Ground

TerraFirma Foundation Systems is on a mission to shore up the Pacific Northwest one property at a time.

Past, Present, Future: Port of Portland Continues to Positively Impact Oregon’s Economy

The Port of Portland was founded in 1891 to help Oregon remain a leader in international trade. While its facilities and functions have shifted over time, the port has maintained its core mission of building the state’s economy. As the organization celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, port leaders and local historians are reflecting on … Read more