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Power Profile: Dave Nute, CEO of Arnerich Massena

Business role model:
I always liked Orit Gadish, who has been the chairman of Bain & Company for years, including when I worked there. Wicked smart, she’s a former IDF intelligence pro, with an uncanny ability to distill complex ideas into simple truths and quickly earn the trust of others with pure candor. The truth is a powerful tool, and she knows how to use it. From her, I developed my business compass, or as she would say, my “true north.”

What I’m reading:
At a recent book signing I picked up a copy of Malcom Gladwell’s new book David and Goliath, where he paints David as a highly trained, stone cold assassin who was destined to beat Goliath, who Gladwell believes suffered from an endocrine disorder. Not sure I buy it, but hey — I haven’t finished the book yet either.

Where I would like to see our company in five years:
We are focused on taking the Arnerich investment philosophy and process that has been so successful over the past 25 years and codifying it to serve our clients for the next 25 years. For us, it will be important to capture the passion and innovation that makes our approach so exceptional, ensuring that our culture is steeped in Arnerich philosophy and values as the firm moves forward. And we have ambitious growth goals for Arnerich over the next few years. We recognize that we need to grow to provide opportunities to our younger team members to move up in the company. I’m excited to bring the tremendous value we offer to our clients.

What excites you about coming to work every day?:
Being a member of a great team Arnerich has a long history of hiring very highly qualified people for all roles across the company.  It means that we live true team play, and all our various specialties including investing, planning, and portfolio management are brought to bear for clients. Our compensation systems reward team play, and our commitment to delivering a great client experience cuts across all our employees. Every day I want to rise up to or exceed the example set by my team members — at Arnerich that is really tough to do. The bar is very high!

Advice for young people entering the industry:
Decide early if you want a career in financial services. Certifications like the CFA are worth a great deal in lifetime earnings potential, and they are much easier to achieve when you have fewer job and life obligations.

Latest download:
Bonobo North Boarders Tour, live in Croatia

What I’m watching:
Arrow, season 5, of course.

What sets us apart:
Arnerich is best known for its obsession with positive investment results for our clients, coupled with the commitment to do well AND do good with our investments wherever we can.  A significant percent of our managed assets are invested in opportunities like water resources, alternative energy technology, sustainable agriculture, sustainable fishing, and healthcare. By focusing on the future, and what the world will need in the years to come, we stay ahead of the curve.


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