Dudley shoots for governor

Former Portland Trail Blazers player Chris Dudley announces GOP candidacy for governor.

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Despite having no political experience, former Portland Trail Blazers player Chris Dudley said he will enter the GOP race for governor.

Among the issues Dudley wants to focus on are the high costs of Oregon’s public employees retirement system. He also spoke out against the tax measures on January’s ballot, saying it’s wrong to “overtax and overregulate the very people who are motivated to create jobs.”

His announcement at North Portland’s Self Enhancement Inc., attracted a diverse cross section of GOP legislators, activists and business lobbyists, hoping Dudley’s celebrity and fresh political profile could be the formula that ends the Oregon Republican Party’s 23-year losing streak in gubernatorial races.

“I think Chris is going to help energize a group of Oregonians who haven’t been energized,” said Sen. Bruce Starr, R-Hillsboro, noting Dudley was “not tainted by party politics.”

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