Beer shop brews up business

The Brew Shop in Bend fills a niche as the only home-brewing store in Central Oregon.

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Four former U.S. Postal Service employees are now the co-owners of The Brew Shop, the only home-brewing store in Central Oregon.

The Bend-based business has capitalized on the desire for sustainability and frugality during rough economic times.

“The economy has helped us out,” co-owner Jeff Hawes said. “It’s cheaper to make beer than it is to buy it.”

Basic equipment to begin home-brewing, excluding bottles and carboys, which are glass vessels used for fermentation, costs about $75. After the initial investment, it costs $30 to $45 for the ingredients — such as hops, yeast, grain and malt extract — to make one batch of beer. One batch equals about eight six-packs, each six-pack costing approximately $4.50 to make.

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