Recycling gets wormy

A Eugene business uses “vermicomposting” to eliminate waste and create compost.

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At Fifth Street Public Market in Eugene, worms are kept to eat food waste and create compost – a recycling method known as “vermicomposting.”

“For us, it’s taking something that we’d have to buy (fertilizer), and something we’d have to throw away (food), and eliminating both,” said Barrett, grandson of the market’s owner, Brian Obie.

Last month, Barrett took the market’s composting project, begun over the summer, a step further by purchasing 6,000 European red worms from the Happy D Ranch worm farm in Visalia, Calif., and sticking them in two vermicomposting bins — Worm Bin #1 and Worm Bin #2 — that market employees constructed with materials purchased from the Oregon Soil Corp. (The bins also are known as “Oscar” bins, for OSCR, Oregon Soil Corporation Reactor.)

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