Intel reboots to new ventures

Intel’s CEO reveals plans to shift focus away from the PC to personal mobile devices.

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Intel CEO Paul Otellini announces a shift in focus for the PC giant, away from the desktop and toward phones, TVs and software, among other electronics.

Intel has long sought – generally without success – to break out of its core market of making microprocessors, which are the brains inside PCs, corporate servers and laptops. At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Otellini described a future where the desktop PC is no longer at the center of the computing world.

As computing evolves, Otellini said, Intel aspires to keep up with new classes of chips customized for a host of devices. Intel, which has for many years enjoyed the dominant position in computer microprocessors, will have to re-establish itself in the much more competitive, fragmented landscape of personal devices.

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