Mixed success for manufacturing jobs

0211_Manufacturing_Databurst_01Manufacturing rose and fell around the state, depending on the product.

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Among the 20 manufacturing industries in the state, computer and electronic manufacturing continued to employ the most people, 35,272, and pay the highest average salary, $90,662, in 2009. However, the industry lost 13.4% of its jobs since 2004. Wood product manufacturing fared even worse: Employment declined 34.9% over those five years, bumping wood from second to third in jobs.

On the plus side, food manufacturing grew employment 5.5%, moving it up to second place, though it averaged only $33,547 per year in pay. Beverage and tobacco manufacturing showed stronger growth, +30.6%, and paid a little better, $35,557. The other industries making gains were primary metals, miscellaneous, and leather and allied products. Transportation equipment declined the most, -40.3%, followed by furniture and related products, -35.1%. Compared to 2009, total manufacturing employment (as of November 2010) dropped another 3.4% to 161,973 jobs.