Portland’s DIY studios thrive

Portland’s music scene stays upbeat with studios for indie and commercial releases alike.

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Seattle’s recording industry may be economically stronger, but Portland’s scene has a “low-key, sustainable vibe” that attracts aspiring musicians and producers.

Portland’s vaunted circle of indie bands is bolstered by several solid commercial spaces — such as Southeast Portland’s Jackpot — and a dizzying bloom of private basement studios. It can be hard to find these — sometimes literally — underground studios. But even with a low-key presence, they have produced major releases and sustained Portland’s artistic activity. In turn, the studios’ do-it-yourself sensibility has kept them going.

Jackpot, founded in 1997, is one of Portland’s busiest commercial studios, and the space is often booked a couple of months in advance in spite of the recession. On this Saturday, manager Kendra Lynn isn’t working, which is rare — weekends are convenient for artists working day jobs.

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