Scrubbing out graffiti

Businesses in the Salem area have a new program to help with graffiti problems.

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A joint effort from several local police departments will help educate business owners on graffiti prevention and removal. Studies show that the quick removal of graffiti helps deter vandals from returning.

Graffiti Busters, with a theme of “Report it, Remove it, Prevent it,” is a partnership with local businesses to provide assistance and discounts to victims of graffiti. Law enforcement has offered to train business personnel on graffiti removal tips and ideas related to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. CPTED includes additional lighting, creative landscaping, clear access and natural surveillance.

As part of Graffiti Busters, local businesses are establishing their own guidelines for discounts. Some are providing free color-match services for paint, some are providing removal supplies at a discount and some are creating pre-assembled “graffiti removal kits.”

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