Riding the wave

Former competitors join forces to build a wakeskating business.

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Erich Schmaltz’ wakeskating business was sinking until he met up with fellow skater Derek DeBoer. Together they revived Integrity Wake and plan to sell to an international market.

“This is all I really know how to do, and I think I know how to do pretty well,” Schmaltz admits. “I was ready to go back to school if I couldn’t keep doing this. I was going to go into acupuncture.”

Friends and industry insiders knew a good thing when they saw it and urged Schmaltz to continue.

“When he moved up here [Eagle Point], people told him he needed to get together with me,” said DeBoer, operations director at Town & Country Chevrolet. “He decided it was too good a thing to let go and we treated it like a brand new company starting from scratch.”

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