The super house

Blow-dryer heat is all you’ll need in this ultra-energy efficient house.

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A Portland company is taking energy efficiency to a whole new level. Root Design Build is constructing a Hood River house with windows so insulated, they put normal walls to shame.

When it is completed in September, Shift House will be one of only seven homes in the United States certified to German Passivhaus standards of energy efficiency, and the first such project on the West Coast. To build it, Root is eschewing what company officials say is a lengthy and ineffectual LEED checklist. Instead, through intensive design and super-insulating technology, they’re planning one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the country, a home that consumes heating and cooling energy at one-tenth the rate of the average American residence. Even for a town as ostensibly eco-conscious as Portland, that’s a big step.

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