Companies turn plastic into oil

Agri-plas and Agilyx are teaming up to recycle agricultural plastic into synthetic crude oil.

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Agri-plas can now recycle agricultural plastic into synthetic crude oil using anaerobic thermal reclamation.

The Brooks, Oregon business is working with Kevin DeWhitt, founder of Agilyx in Tigard, to perfect its process.

In contrast to many alternative energy firms, Agilyx does not receive government subsidies.

“Basically, our mission statement is to produce a technology that can work in the existing economy that does not rely on grants and subsidies to make it viable,” [Agilyx vice president Brent] Bostwick said.

According to owner Allen Jongsma, Agri-Plas currently has four reclamation units at the Brooks facility and can make between 50 and 60 barrels of oil per day. Using the system, about 8.5 to 10 pounds of plastic produce a gallon of oil.

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