Vintners share production, but not grapes

Fly High and LongSword vineyards of Southern Oregon have partnered up to share a winery but continue to sell separate brands.

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Fly High and LongSword vineyards are now sharing a winery but selling separate brands.

The operations are located west of Ruch in the Southern Oregon’s bounteous Applegate Valley

“We talked about it and decided to have two brands, one winery and one winemaker,” said [LongSword Vineyard winemaker Matt] Sorensen. “We segregate the wines. I do chardonnay, pinot and French Burgundy wines. Theirs are more Rhone, viognier and syrah. It’s more preference of the families as far as style and the kinds of wines they like.”

While the grapes are kept separate, the vineyards now share a common logo. LongSword, a translation of Largaespada, and Fly High, honoring David King’s flying days, are merged in the FHLV label, featuring the outline of pilot’s wings with a biplane silhouette flying above an unsheathed sword.

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