Lighting the Way to Better Performance

Brand Story – Pacific Energy Concepts’ intelligent LED lighting solutions can strengthen KPIs across the board.

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Most companies reach out to Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) for a lighting solution that will cut costs. However, they end up with a solution that extends well beyond energy savings to areas that they never imagined were linked to lighting, from productivity and safety to morale.

Organizations routinely invest large portions of capital into building design and ergonomic equipment, but many are overlooking one of the biggest contributors to workplace performance.

“People take lighting for granted. It’s secondary to them so our goal is to be the cheerleaders of what a major impact it can make,” explains Keith Scott, CEO, PEC.

PEC, which designs and implements high-performance LED solutions for commercial and industrial clients, has grown tremendously thanks to the widespread impact of its work.

“All businesses are looking to save energy and achieve tangible ROIs, which we provide, but that’s just one part of it. There are so many more benefits,” he says. “The energy savings validate their investment, but we care about their overall business goals.”

Whether a car dealership attempting to lengthen peak selling hours into the night or a manufacturing firm prioritizing safety, end users work with PEC for a solution that supports a bigger picture and crushes metrics along the way.

“We’ve received so much feedback over the years and none relates to the energy savings. Even though we achieve those energy goals, that’s the last thing they mention,” Scott says. “It’s, ‘I didn’t realize what a difference it would make for my business.’ Our people are looking to leave a wake of excited clients. We want to deliver massive impact.”

After a decade in business, PECs long list of success stories features some of the nation’s largest corporations. The company begins each relationship with a thorough audit. Beyond just assessing the existing lighting, PEC does a deep-dive into how a space is used and then designs a solution using an (AI) artificial intelligence-based rendering program to provide the correct light levels for a specific space and utilization.

Automotive Dealership LED LightingLighting solutions for manufacturers, auto dealerships and more at

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies and changing policies, PEC helps clients navigate new opportunities and pitfalls. Their end-to-end solutions follow a proprietary process that leverages available incentives, designs the right solution and manages installation. Intensive due diligence and a manufacturer agnostic business plan ensures that businesses receive curated access to optimal solutions.

“If we do our job right, we shouldn’t have to touch the lighting for at least 15 years,” says Scott. “It’s not just about installing an efficient fixture but ensuring the optics are appropriate, and the lighting system is future-proofed.”

Explaining what it means to future-proof a commercial building Scott continues, “during a retrofit upgrade a business should be thinking about integrating smart technology and wireless connectivity in the context of their buildings’ infrastructure.”

LED lighting projects of this caliber ensure buildings can participate in the next wave of spatial utilization and data-driven decision making. Rich Novak of Siemens describes how intelligent LED lighting systems can unlock increased levels of efficacy in the July 2019 issue of EC magazine, “It [an LED lighting sensor system] can read room occupancy and direct the air accordingly. It can also lower or completely shut off air flow to unoccupied rooms.”

Providing business intelligence tools fueled by data is a part of PECs valued-added approach. However, their holistic view aims for measurable levels of efficiency in all areas of business.

“Recently, a huge lumber mill hired us. Improved safety was their main objective. One key performance indicator (KPI) they didn’t expect to see change was their waste measurements. They measured all the scraps, like mis-cuts and mis-measurements,” Scott recalls. “After the lighting project, they recorded a significant decline in the pounds of wasted wood.”

According to Scott, he and his skilled team ultimately develop lighting solutions that let organizations “save more and perform better,” demonstrating that good lighting is good for business.


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