Meet Claudia Kim, One of 16 ACHS Adventurous Tribe Members Attending the Study Abroad Aromatherapy Boot Camp in Kona, HI

Sixteen students engaged in a transformational aromatherapy learning experience and a rare opportunity to learn from renowned aromatherapy expert and American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) Founding President Dorene Petersen and ACHS Aromatherapy Program Chair and Registered Aromatherapist Amanda Lattin, in November 2018.

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Claudia Kim, a freelance translator from Seoul, Korea, is a recent Oxford graduate working with the International Center for Advanced Aromatherapy (ICAA) and other aromatherapy industry groups. She attended the ACHS Kona Aromatherapy Boot Camp as an interpreter for the 12 Korean students attending the workshop lectures and field trips.

“This trip, as a whole, was such a special experience. Yes, I did attend for the purpose of working, however, I did not expect to develop such warm friendships with everyone on the trip. I think it’s truly amazing because previously I thought friendships can only be with people around your age. This entire group of students were wonderfully open-minded and kind, I didn’t feel like there was a ‘wall’ between us even though we were many ages and backgrounds coming together to study. While translating the lectures I learned more about aromatherapy, the use of chemistry in essential oils, and how easy it will be to incorporate and utilize them in my daily life,” Claudia shared.

It’s Hawaii!! I really appreciated the fact that the learning experience was not only indoors but it continued outdoors as well. Getting to experience the true background of the Hawaiian culture and just being in nature was truly a delight. I recently graduated from college and I’m not sure what I would like to do in the future. However, I am certain that I want to become like the warm-hearted leaders at ACHS and do something that I am truly passionate about,” says Claudia.

In addition to meeting amazing people, a special bonus for Claudia included the knowledge she gained when students visited the Hawaiian Legacy Forest and planted a total of 23 sandalwood tree. ACHS and the participating students’ are committed to reducing the carbon foot print. Each of the trees planted will consume 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year when they mature.

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