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Readers respond to stories about Rep. Knute Buehler, Amtrak Cascades and aging boardroom directors.

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“Rep. Buehler has two strikes against him already: Donald Trump and the Oregon Republican Party. President Trump and the Republican Congress which refuses to do anything about the corruption in this administration have prejudiced many voters from voting for anyone running as a Republican. The ORP has just finished saying that they would rather have a retired stunt pilot as governor than an experienced legislator.”


“Because the media has completely ignored him but kudos to Oregon Business for being the exception. Oregonians are steadily becoming more critical of their government but I wonder when they’ll start connecting the dots to the Democrat party. Vote for anyone, just don’t vote Democrat.”

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Post-derailment, Amtrak Cascades struggles to get back on track

“In reality, both Oregon and Washington are dealing with a Sword of Damocles over their heads creating parallel problems these states have no control over, including: 1) The lack of a consistently acceptable safety culture at Amtrak: This issue grew out of the designation of political appointees for CEO of Amtrak between 2005-2016. These political administrators lacked the requisite railroad operating experience only acquired by coming up through the ranks. The overt focus of Amtrak’s Board of Directors on serving their political patrons of the Northeast caused a failure of their stewardship in the important area of safety. 2) Congress created the unfunded mandate in 2008 for the nascent PTC technology: It is long past the time for Congress to accept its responsibility and financially patch their mandate by funding PTC over all tracks that carry intercity and commuter trains. This can only happen if the senators and congressmen from Oregon and Washington prod Congress into action. For any dissenters, just remember how Congress paid for the entire installation and maintenance to date of the Air Traffic Control System, to the benefit of the private commercial airlines. “