Oregon Business internships

Graphic by | Joan McGuire

The Oregon Business editorial team accepts interns on a quarterly basis.

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Oregon Business is looking for sharp, motivated interns to report and write articles, produce multi-media features, fact-check stories and take on other assorted editorial duties. We are looking for people with strong writing and critical thinking skills, along with interest in video and multi-media storytelling.  Interns should be curious, inquisitive and possess a keen interest in business and politics reporting. 

Editorial interns are considered members of the OB editorial team. Interns attend weekly staff meetings and work closely with staff on article development and production. We take our coaching and mentorship roles seriously and provide interns with an immersive experience in the production of a print magazine and news website. 

Oregon Business interns receive college credit and a $300/month stipend. 

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For more information contact: [email protected]