Arnerich Massena Helps Clients Invest in Ventures for Good

Reegan Rae, CPWA®, Senior Investment Advisor, and Glen Goland, JD, CFP®, Senior Wealth Strategist, plan how to help clients make the greatest impact with their assets

Investment advisors foster philanthropy across the spectrum from charitable planning to impact investing.

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Portland investment advisory firm Arnerich Massena helps high net-worth clients grow their assets. Then, when it’s time, Arnerich Massena helps them share the wealth.  Knowing their clients’ philanthropic goals gives them a unique perspective on blending the objectives of growing assets and giving them away. Traditional philanthropy can make it possible for people to effect change, in addition to creating tax benefits. Now, impact investing offers another avenue to make an impact. Arnerich Massena provides guidance across this entire continuum.

Glen Goland, the firm’s senior wealth strategist (and recovering estate planning attorney), says that Arnerich Massena offers clients assistance in developing strategies for giving. “How do you find the right methods for giving, and identify the organizations where you will have the most impact?”

“Clients may own assets in a variety of ways, from tax-deferred retirement accounts to irrevocable trusts and everything in between. Each of these carries its own set of legal and tax rules, a tangled web of regulations that leaves many smart people mystified and frustrated. The rules around charitable giving strategies are part of this web,” he explains.

Goland helps clients uncover tax strategies that will be most beneficial to them, to their heirs, and to the charities they choose. He guides them in understanding choices like charitable annuities, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remained trusts.

An advisor’s guidance and strategic support can help donors navigate the variety of tactics for traditional giving, making the most of their philanthropic efforts.

On the other side of the philanthropy spectrum, some investors find that impact investing offers an alluring path to both profit and contributions to global good.

“People are starting to change how they give money, wanting to use their invested assets wisely,” says Ryland Moore, director of business development.

“In such scenarios, clients invest in companies or products intentionally to support an environmental, social, or economic outcome that improves society. Traditional philanthropy is one way to effect change, but there remains a profound need which cannot be met by traditional philanthropy alone. Clients are realizing that they can go beyond traditional philanthropy to receive a return on their investments and to participate in filling that profound need through private investment.”

Reegan Rae, senior investment advisor with Arnerich Massena, says more clients want to use their investments to make a positive difference. “We help clients invest in organizations they can build relationships with and where their investments will make an impact,” she says. “We rigorously vet our partner companies, and have invested in some pretty phenomenal companies doing amazing work.”

Rae points to Arnerich Massena investment ZS Pharma, which developed a life-saving product to strip excess potassium from patients without removing other nutrients. Or SmartWires, which is revolutionizing the electrical grid. And Zero Mass Water, a company that is building devices that use renewable energy to create clean drinking water out of the air. These are just a handful of the companies through which Arnerich Massena investors are making an impact.

“We think you can do good and do well at the same time,” Rae says, “And we’re here to help our clients do just that.”   To learn more please visit


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