Continuing the conversation: Wendy Lane

Photo by | Jason Kaplan

Wendy Lane, founder of Lane PR, talks about ballet, workplace attire and an abundance of email.

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We featured Lane in our May 2017 Home Base feature.  Here are a few outtakes from the interview, which took place in Lane’s West Hills residence.

How ballet became an interior design theme

Lane says she was working with the Pacific Ballet (now Oregon Ballet) when Mikhail Baryshnikov came to Portland in 1986. A local photographer took a photo and gifted a sign copy to Lane. The photo is displayed in her office.

“My daughter went on to dance at School ofIMG 8005 American Ballet in New York City; the New York Times took that of  her,” Lane says referring to a family photo in the hallway.

Working from home with children

“I tried that with three small children and it never worked for me. Instead of making a tough phone call I’d be emptying the dishwasher. So I always had a place downtown, even when it was just me 27 years ago.”

Why she collects antiques

“I grew up in the ‘60s, so I’ve lived through the shag rugs and it’s not my thing.”

How workplace demands have changed

“Work is becoming at times so demanding that I do my emails on weekends. I think it’s that tipping point of too many emails where you’re always connected. So work here on weekends and sometimes at night. When I have things that require a lot of concentration I do them here.”

Workplace attire

“When I go to work I usually wear a suit. But today I only have business calls so I wore what I normally wear at home. I think clothes are like theater you dress for what you’re doing and it helps you mind get there.”