Morning Roundup

Photo credit: New York Times

Nike’s Oregon Project subject of doping scandal, OBA founder starts new alliance and revenue department owed $3.3 billion in uncollected debt.

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NYT investigates Nike’s Oregon Project

A report found Nike coach Alberto Salazar violated drug protocols with some of its elite runners, the New York Times reports. As a result, the Oregon Project could be subject to medical malpractice. Antidoping officials have been investigating violations by Salazar since 2015. Salazar denies the claims.

OBA founder announces new alliance

Tom Kelly has founded a new initiative, known as the Oregon Business Alliance for Climate. Kelly says the group is soliciting business leaders to support a June launch. “Companies like yours — and mine — need certainty and flexibility in order to thrive, and the threat of climate change for the state’s working farmers, families and communities is real,” he said in an email announcing the launch. Kelly, who co-founded the Oregon Business Association, has spoken against the merger between OBA and Associated Oregon Industries. The merger was announced last November and goes into effect July 1st.

Gov. Brown wants to clean up revenue department

Lawmakers recently discovered the Oregon Department of Revenue is sitting on $3.3 billion in uncollected debt, the Statesman Journal reports. The amount of money has doubled since 2008. Brown is working with the Legislature on a bill to prioritize collections, a new computer system to automate debt collection and hiring more debt collectors. At the moment, each state agency is responsible for collecting its debt. The proposed changes would also centralize debt collection, forwarding accounts to the Department of Revenue.

State legislators question Deschutes County marijuana regulations 

Deschutes County restricts sites where marijuana can be grown outside city limits. Those rules were called into question by the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation, the Bend Bulletin reports. The committee is considering prohibiting counties from restricting marijuana grows on farmland.

Oregon leaders respond to special prosecutor appointment

Sen. Ron Wyden has been a vocal supporter of appointing a special counsel to investigate ties between Russia and the Trump Administration, and continues to support the move after former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed to do just that. Oregon Republicans also support the decision, OPB reports, albeit in a more muted fashion. The party says they respect the move, but add the investigation is “nothing more than a political witch-hunt.”

Bend Microsemi plant closing

Microsemi, a silicon microchip manufacturer, announced it will close its production facility, the Bend Bulletin reports. The notice sent to an electronics distributor merely stated the plant would close for the next two years. It’s unknown if jobs at the plant are secure or why the plant is shutting down.