Biking hub good for business

The ever-growing bike traffic on Portland’s North Williams Ave. is great for local businesses.

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North Williams Ave. and North Vancouver Ave. are Portland’s busiest north-south bike routes in the city, and the estimated 3,000 cyclists a day are great for local businesses along the route.

Businesses are adapting for the new market by decorating with bicycle themes, displaying signs advertising happy hour specials to cyclists and even, in the case of Vergnetti’s Coffee, creating a “ped through” so that cyclists can get a cup of coffee without ever getting off their bikes.

And that’s what [publisher of Jonathan] Maus especially likes about the biking phenomenon on North Williams — what he calls the “positive feedback loop” of businesses welcoming bike traffic and bicyclists supporting the businesses.

“It’s really sort of a market-driven, organic phenomenon,” Maus says. “It’s just in the air on that street.”

Read more at the Portland Tribune.

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