Local man vs. Oregon over billboards

Jai Nicholson has placed billboards along Oregon highways to advertise for local companies, but ODOT says the signs are illegal.

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Jai Nicholson of Center Stage Advertising has been installing billboards along Oregon highways to advertise for local businesses, but the Oregon Department of Transportation says the signs are illegal.

When they asked Nicholson to remove the advertisements, he began moving them around every 30 days within what he calls a gray area of the law.

Dave Thompson, an ODOT spokesman, said the signs violate state laws for multiple reasons. The signs were erected without proper permits and are not at the location of the businesses being advertised, each of which is against state law. Some of the signs are bigger than the maximum size allowed, some of the signs are located less than 500 feet from an interchange and none of the signs comply with the rules for the area in which they are located.

“I understand what I am doing wasn’t their intention, but in reality I am all for personal rights,” Nicholson said. “I think it is a shame that this town is starving and I’m doing something to try and fix it and I’m getting harassed because of it.”

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