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Portland relocation fee rule under review, Governor wants to invest in rural Oregon and Portland eliminates corporate investments.

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Judge reviews legality of Portland relocation fee ordinance 

The ordinance requires landlords issuing no-cause evictions to pay a relocation fee of up to $4,500. The same fee is triggered if rent is increased 10% or more. The Multnomah County Circuit Court heard the question of legality yesterday, the Oregonian reports. Opposing attorney John DiLorenzo argued the penalty for raising rents effectively acts as rent control. Rent control is banned by the state, although the House passed a bill eliminating that ban this week. It’s now in the Senate. Judge Henry Breithaupt said despite this potential law change, the case will continue.

Governor plans for investment in infrastructure, workforce development in rural Oregon

During a talk about rural Oregon this week Gov. Kate Brown says she wants to focus on education, healthcare and economic development, the East Oregonian reports. Brown acknowledged that while growth and economic prosperity have boosted the state’s GDP, the gains have not necessarily benefited rural Oregon (Check out our March article, Searching for Context). The governor wants to invest in infrastructure, affordable housing and workforce development but faces a challenge finding funding.

Portland eliminates corporate investments 

The council voted 3-2 to halt investments in corporations, the Portland Mercury reports. The council had been considering a new policy to move corporate investment decisions behind closed doors, but opted to cease investments altogether. This decision could mean a reduction of nearly $3.5 million in city funds. The policy might only last for a year, as the council is required by state law to pass an investment policy annually.

Right 2 Dream Too has a new home

The Old Town camp was set for eviction today without a space to relocate. That all changed yesterday. The eviction notice was extended by two months to prepare for its move to the Rose Quarter, the Portland Mercury reports. The new site is owned by the Portland Bureau of Transportation and located just west of Moda Center near the Willamette River. The site, a paved lot, was previously used as parking for Moda Center events. R2DToo has agreed to the new site.

OB Original Blog: Creating an equity lens: Q&A with Clackamas Workforce Partnership’s Bridget Dazey

Earlier this year, the Clackamas Workforce Partnership was awarded $50,000 from the Kaiser Community Fund to develop an equity council.

More job cuts in education 

The University of Oregon joins Portland Public Schools in announcing a decrease in staff. UO plans to cut 31 teaching positions, primarily from the humanities school, the Register Guard reports. Most of the cuts will target language instructors. These cuts trim $1.7 million from the $140 million annual budget. Last year UO cut 91 faculty.

U.S. job growth takes sharp dive

In February, 219,000 new jobs were added nationwide. Those numbers were expected to dip a little, but the monthly report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows only 98,000 jobs were gained in March, OPB reports. Unemployment, however, remains at an all-time low of 4.5% nationwide.