Californians flood UO

So many California students are attending the University of Oregon that some people are beginning to refer to it as UC Eugene.

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University of Oregon is attracting so many Californians-about 900 of the 3,800 freshmen expected this fall- that some people are beginning to refer to the school as UC Eugene.

California students are attractive to the school because they pay triple the tuition that Oregon residents pay.

The UO has for years aggressively recruited California students, putting the school in good position to exploit the financial problems that have recently rocked California higher education. The state’s public universities have cut budgets, capped enrollment and raised tuition and admission standards, spurring many students to look elsewhere for a college education.

The California students are not displacing Oregon students, said Roger Thompson, UO’s vice provost for enrollment management. The imports help the school sustain its Oregon student enrollment in the face of declining state support, he says.


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