Legal refugees for hire

Legal political refugees provide another option for employers amid controversial immigration status of industrial farmworkers.

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Idaho-based International Rescue Committee sets up its Third World clients with Oregon jobs.

The legal political refugees provide another option for employers amid the controversy surrounding immigration statuses of industrial farmworkers.

A livestock manager at Threemile Canyon Farms heard about the refugees’ employment plight on public radio two years ago and contacted [hiring specialist for International Rescue Lana] Whiteford. Since January 2009, she has helped about 45 refugees get jobs at Threemile Canyon and find affordable housing in nearby Boardman.


The dairy with a predominantly Hispanic work force now employees refugees who escaped political and ethnic persecution in Burma, Sudanese who fled genocide, Iraqis who were forced to leave their war-torn country for both religious and political reasons and Somalis who left their country because of ongoing strife and bloodshed.

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