Morning Roundup

Oregon tax revenue higher than expected, transgender students to retain protections in Oregon and Superfund plan up for discussion in March.

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Oregon budget $200 million larger

Although Oregon still faces a multi-million dollar deficit, higher-than-expected tax revenue will ease the budgetary strain slightly, the Register Guard reports. Economists say Oregon has $200 million more than expected in tax revenue. The additional funding doesn’t fix the inherent problem, however, of shortages in what legislators call the “structural” budget. Senate President Peter Courtney says Oregon will still need to make cuts and raise revenue.

Trump rescinds transgender student protections

President Obama ordered schools to accommodate transgender students last year. This included access to restrooms and locker rooms. Trump walked this policy back yesterday, putting the decision in the hands of individual states and school districts. Oregon officials say transgender students will not lose protections in the state, OPB reports. The federal decision does not undo Oregon’s law implementing protections for these students.

EPA to hold community sessions to discuss Superfund

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it will host a Q&A session March 7 and 9, with a March 14 webinar, to discuss the next steps in the Superfund cleanup plan, the Portland Business Journal reports. The EPA says these meetings are at the request of stakeholders and community groups. 

Portland worker wins racial harassment lawsuit

Daimler Trucks North America subjected a black worker to “a racially hostile work environment” and should pay the man $750,000 in damages, a Portland jury ruled on Wednesday. As the Oregonian reports, 59-year-old Victor Pierce filed the lawsuit claiming Daimler permitted a culture of racial harassment at the company’s Western Star manufacturing plant on Swan Island, including a noose placed on the production line and racial graffiti in bathrooms.

JLR Incubator names first startups of 2017 cohort

HAAS Alert, Mycroft and OpConnect join the Jaguar Land Rover incubator as the program celebrates its one year anniversary. HAAS Alert connects smart cars and cities with first responders and city services. Mycroft produces Artificial Intelligence software to recognize language and respond to voice commands. OpConnect manufactures electric vehicle charging stations. The three startups will contribute technology to JLR’s mission of innovation and connectivity.

Port of Portland exports the most cars on West Coast

Since data collection began in 2003, this year is the first Portland has ranked No. 1 for exporting automotives, the Portland Tribune reports. Port officials say the proximity to Asia has set Portland up to lead auto distribution. About 291,000 vehicles passed through the terminal last year.

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Economic development officials and local businesses reflect on Portlandia’s legacy as the show prepares to shoot its final season this summer.