Magazine preview: OB goes on the road with the Chevy Bolt

Photo credit: April Streeter

Currently less than 2% of Oregon’s vehicle fleet is electric.

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Now that Chevy has introduced its new Bolt with a range of 238 miles per full charge to California and Oregon, the iPhone of electric cars may have finally arrived.

Oregon Business reporter April Streeter is on the road, test driving the new Bolt. She and her husband Philip are driving from Portland to the Oregon Coast. Her full report on the Bolt and Oregon’s electric vehicle industry will be published in the magazine next month.

But here’s a list of Streeter’s first impressions:

a) I had range anxiety from the very first mile — the car was only half charged when we got in it.

b) It’s a wasteland of few chargers once you leave the “EV Corridor.”  There are very few fast chargers.

c) Bolt is fabulous to charge/refill for free at the Cannon Beach Courtyard, but still confusing for consumers when you have to pay to charge.
d) Awesome driving and handling
e) How wonderful to not pollute while driving! 
f) It’s a game-changing car, I think, that may not yet be the iPhone of EVs because of cost $37,000.