Morning Roundup

Governor announces new plan for Elliott Forest, Oregon considers cut to Medicaid program and affordable housing projects on hold. 

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Gov. Brown announces plan to keep Elliott Forest in public ownership

The 82,500-acre forest near Coos Bay was to be sold Roseburg’s Lone Rock Timber Management Company for $220 million. Brown stopped the sale at a State Land Board meeting last month. Her new plan suggests ownership by either the state or tribes, as well as a focus on sustainable timber harvest and a $100 million bond to develop a habitat area, the Statesman Journal reports. Brown’s plan will be presented to the board tomorrow.

Oregon might cut Medicaid expansion 

Oregon received a five-year extension on its Medicaid waiver, but legislators are now considering cuts to the program in light of a $1.8 billion deficit, the Bend Bulletin reports. A proposed budget from the legislature cuts 28% from the Oregon Health Authority budget and rolls back the Medicaid expansion. About 1 in 3 Oregonians have coverage under the expansion.

Trump uncertainty delays affordable housing projects

The President’s plan to cut taxes is already causing the value of tax credits to drop. This could impact new affordable housing projects, which often receive funding via tax credits sold to investors, the Oregonian reports. Possible funding gaps have already caused Portland developers to pause projects until more is known about funding.

Astoria marina struggling despite cleanup reprieve

Astoria Marine Construction received a five-year reprieve from mandated cleanup of its 93-year-old shipyard last September. But Marine owner Tim Fastabend says the Marine is operating on a day-to-day basis, the Daily Astorian reports. Fastabend says any breakdowns or large expenses will shutter the shipyard. The required cleanup was expected to close the shipyard, which is why the Department of Environmental Quality offered the delay.

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