Webtrends acquires Transpond

Webtrends acquires San Francisco’s Transpond in a major shift to social media and mobile computing.

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Portland’s Webtrends prepares for a shift away from traditional websites and towards social media and mobile computing by acquiring San Francisco-based Transpond.

Webtrends plans to focus more on apps for Facebook and mobile devices like the iPhone.

“This is an important directional change for the company, which has been historically focused just on measurement,” [social media product manager Justin] Kistner said.

While social media is taking off, Kistner said there are relatively few developers specializing in Facebook apps. By acquiring Transpond, and building up its team, Kistner said Webtrends hopes to fill that gap itself.

“We saw the gap between where users are spending their time and where marketers are spending their money,” he said.

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