News Release: Oregon regulatory snafus slow down cannabis industry

BDS analysis shows dispensary sales tanked after regulations took effect Oct. 1; situation appears worse in November 

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Oregon’s implementation of testing and packaging rules have created significant problems for dispensaries and brands, as state agencies struggle to complete testing of products and the stringent rules make it increasingly difficult for brands to achieve full compliance in a timely manner.

An analysis of retail sales by BDS Analytics since the rules took effect shows dramatic drops in sales in many dispensaries, and overall declines that threaten the economic health of businesses in the short-term.

Among the findings: 

• Dispensary sales declined 8.5 percent to $29.5 million in October compared to September. 
• Sales decline makes October the worst-performing month since May. 
• Same-store declines between September and November average 21 percent. 
• Edibles sales in particular cratered, down 32 percent between September and October

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