Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Trimet

PSU lands federal transportation grant, scenes from the Oregon Leadership Summit and state microbreweries seek international markets.

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1. PSU awarded $15.6 million transportation grant

The grant makes PSU’s Transportation Research and Education Center one of five national university transportation centers, according to a release. The national program will focus on increasing access to transportation, improving multi-modal planing and smart cities. The grant spans five years. The first year will fund research into connected vehicle infrastructure, walkability in disadvantaged neighborhoods, traffic management and the economic impacts of converting infrastructure for non-motorized transportation.

2. On The Scene: Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit

Check out our twitter highlights from the 14th annual summit.

3. Future of Oregon microbreweries is in exports

Oregon economists say international exports is the next step for Oregon breweries, Capital Press reports. Oregon is a saturated market when it comes to microbreweries, making it difficult for any one brand to expand. But there’s a demand outside the Pacific Northwest that could help smaller businesses grow.

4. Northwest Portland explosion ruled unintentional

The Oct. 19 gas explosion destroyed one building on Northwest 23rd and several surrounding businesses. Fire officials say that explosion, caused by a leak in a gas line after it was hit by an excavator, was unintentional, OPB reports. The ignition source is still unknown.

5. Boeing subcontractor closing up shop

Portland’s Commercial Aircraft Painting Services announced it is closing the plant and laying off 186 workers, the Portland Business Journal reports. Boeing said it will utilize Finaero for aircraft painting. Finaero may hire many of the CAPS employees to work at its plant.

6. Amazon tests yet another new market concept

The online retailer is reaching further into the brick and mortar marketplace with its new venture, Amazon Go. The first Go, a grocery store, will open in Seattle early next year, the Oregonian reports. The store advertises “grab and go,” as in shoppers don’t need to wait in a checkout line. There aren’t any cashiers or registers. Amazon Go relies on sensors to detect which items shoppers grab, and then charges their Amazon accounts. Amazon intends to open more than 2,000 grocery stores, although Oregon locations have not yet been confirmed.

7. Boeing pitches collaborative manufacturing R&D model

The world’s largest aerospace company is emerging as a key player in new manufacturing center