Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Portland Tribune

In today’s news, homeless count increases 1%, Chevy Bolt heads to Oregon and Portland schools pass resolution to prevent immigration agent access.

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1. Multnomah County homeless count rises

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reports the number of homeless people in the area increased 1%, or by 113 people since last year. Mayor Charlie Hales is questioning the statistic, however, according to the Portland Tribune. His office claims the number is based on a one-day count at shelters. The mayor’s staff believe the number went down due to city and county efforts to house homeless veterans. The official count lists 3,915 homeless people in the county.

2. Oregon first to get new Chevy Bolt

Chevy’s new electric vehicle will initially only be available in Oregon and California due to the states’ strong support of electric vehicles, the Statesman Journal reports. Cars should begin their Oregon arrival mid-December. The Bolt, named Motor Trend car of the year, is expected to get 238 miles per charge.

3. Portland schools vote to restrict immigration agent access

The Portland School Board voted yesterday to restrict federal immigration agents’ access to its schools in light of Trump’s promise to deport undocumented immigrants, the Oregonian reports. The resolution prevents immigration workers from entering schools without prior notification and a written explanation of the purpose of their visit.

4. Oregon senators question Bannon appointment

President-elect Trump’s most controversial staff appointment so far is former Breitbart News head Stephen Bannon, whom Trump has named chief strategist. Bannon is known as the head of the “alt-right,” which advocates for white nationalism and anti-Semitism. U.S. Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden called for Trump to drop Bannon from staff and to put “the hate speech and hate acts behind you,” Willamette Week reports.

5. Bank of Cascades acquired by First Interstate

The deal, worth $589 million, will create a regional bank from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, the Bend Bulletin reports. Bank of Cascades is Oregon’s second largest bank. CEO Terry Zink says he will retire when the deal closes. Zink joined Cascades in 2012.

6. Business association merger dismays OBA founder

Oregon Business Association founding chair Tom Kelly explains why he opposes the Associated Oregon Industries merger.

7. The silver tsunami is upon us

Research Editor Kim Moore attended a clean energy conference in Portland this week and the first thing that struck her was the preponderance of grey hair.