Morning Roundup

Photo credit: NPR

In today’s news, Trump wins in stunning upset, Kate Brown elected as governor and the Owyhee Monument has discouraging future.

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1. Donald Trump elected President of the United States

Trump’s win defied all polls and shocked the nation last night. As of this morning, Trump won 279 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 228. Michigan and Arizona haven’t been called, but both favor Trump as well. Clinton is now the fifth presidential candidate to win the popular vote, but not the election, NPR reports. What should we expect from a Trump presidency? To start, he’s promised a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, deportation and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

2. What does a Trump win mean for Wall Street? 

As Trump’s win last night became clear, the stock market began to plummet. The market hit a negative 5% trend, causing trading to halt. As of this morning, the market has rebounded slightly, but with little known about the President-elect’s policies, businesses are in limbo, the Portland Business Journal reports. 

3. Kate Brown becomes first elected openly LGBT governor and other local issues

Brown faced a tight race as the Democratic nominee for Oregon, but held office with 51% of the vote. Brown says her priorities moving forward are improving Oregon’s schools and the state’s job outlook.

2014 gubernatorial challenger, Dennis Richardson, was elected secretary of state. Richardson is the first Republican to win a state office since 1985.

As for state measures, Oregon’s corporate tax Measure 97 was defeated with 59% of the vote.
— Measure 94 (eliminating mandatory retirement age for state judges) failed with 63% of the vote.
— Measure 95 (allowing public universities to invest in stocks) passed with 70% in favor.
— Measure 96 (dedicating 1.5% of lottery proceeds to veterans’ services) passed in a landslide with 84% in favor.
— Measure 98 (providing state funding for high school programs, dropout prevention and college readiness) was approved with 66% of the vote.
— Measure 99 (to fund Outdoor School programs) passed with a 67% majority.
— And Measure 100 (banning the purchase or sale of parts of specified animals) was approved with 69%.
For a complete overview of Oregon’s election, visit OPB.

4. In non-election news, the Owyhee Monument designation on hold

The Owyhee Canyonlands was on the shortlist for designation by outgoing President Barack Obama. But Willamette Week reports the Malheur occupation likely spooked lawmakers from moving forward. Conservationists say the government is now fearful of the designation after the hostile takeover of federal lands.

5. Erickson Inc. misses payment to bond holders

The public aviation company went into debt in 2013 when it acquired Evergreen Helicopters and has struggled to remain afloat since. Erickson owed bond holders a payment of $14 million on its $355 million debt, but as the Oregonian reports, the Nov. 1 deadline came and went without word from the company.

6. Oregon to see Christmas tree shortage again

Oregon tree lots may not be empty, but farmers report the tree shortage has grown this year. The shortage is caused by a decline in tree planting, Capital Press reports. Only 3.7 million trees were planted last year, in comparison with 5.6 million in 2010. Prices for trees are expected to jump 15%.

7. Editor’s Note: Disruption, You Won

Disruptive innovation: You lost.