Morning Roundup

In today’s news, city might sell Terminal 1, Eastern Oregon water reservations renewed and Airbnb defends itself.

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1.   Site considered for homeless shelter back on the auction block — probably

Commissioner Nick Fish says he wants to sell Terminal 1 to a developer. The City Council had previously canceled the sale process, instead leasing the 14 acres to the Housing Bureau for a homeless shelter. Fish will ask the council to start the process once again, OPB reports. Housing Commissioner Dan Saltzman, who announced the shelter’s demise yesterday, says he wants to wait to make a decision until the next mayoral administration is in place.

2. Water commission renews water reservations

Water reservations in the Grand Ronde, Malheur and Owyhee basins were set to expire next year. Instead, the Oregon Water Resources Commission renewed the three reservations for 20 years. The Capital Press reports this renewal will allow irrigators to develop 144,100 acre-feet of new water rights.

3. Airbnb studies impact on Portland housing prices

The study found Airbnb has minimally impacted the housing affordability crisis,  the Oregonian reports. The study was conducted in response to a statement made earlier this year by Housing Director Kurt Creager. He said 1,000 affordable homes were lost to short-term rentals.

4. Developer plans new Portland neighborhood

The strip of land between the Fremont Bridge and Highway 30 is largely considered part of the Pearl District, but Tom Cody wants to create the “Frontside District.” Cody owns Project^, a development company building a 300,000 square-foot structure to anchor the neighborhood. The Oregonian reports Cody plans to recreate the Pearl in miniature at “Frontside.”

5. Stoel Rives launches climate change initiative

Portland’s largest law firm is forming a multi-city team to help clients prepare for risks associated with climate change, the Portland Business Journal reports.

6. Portland coworking options expand

Collective Agency — which operates a 5,000-square-foot spaces in Old Town — announced a second coworking space in Southeast Portland. The 1,000-square-foot space will open Nov. 1, according to the Portland Business Journal.

7. PenAir adds flight at Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport

Service resumed ay the airport earlier this month, providing two flights per weekday and one on weekend days. The Herald and News reports a second Sunday flight will be added next month thanks to the successful service re-launch. 

8. Twitter to lay off 9% of staff

The social media network failed to sell the company as profits dwindle, Consumerist reports. Twitter executives say they are looking at future uses for the site, including live streaming events and sports, to draw new users.  

9. Oregon At Work: A multimedia series

We are pleased to introduce a new OB feature: Oregon at Work. The multimedia series is produced by OB photographer Jason Kaplan and features interviews with Oregon workers across industry sectors.