Morning Roundup

In today’s news, Oregon’s employment rate climbs 3.5%, Troutdale plant cuts air pollutants from coal power and Eugene recycling manufacturer heads for Oman.

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1. Oregon employment rate continues upward trajectory

The job rate climbed 3.5% last month, beating the national average of 1.7%. This growth, as the Statesman Journal reports, was largely spurred by education hires. The record growth rate places Oregon first in the nation for job growth for the fifth month in a row.

2. New tech cuts air pollutants

The audacious plan from Hiroshi Morihara has become reality. His startup, HM3 Energy, recently opened a production plant in Troutdale.

3. Eugene recycling equipment co. lands gig on Arabian Peninsula

Bulk Handling Systems will design, manufacture and install two recycling plants in Oman. The plants will sort materials for recycling, burning for energy or disposal, according to the Register Guard. The plants should be operational in 2017.

4. Paul Allen appoints replacement CEO for his company Vulcan

Allen named Bill Hilf CEO of the philanthropic and investment company as of Dec. 1. Hilf will report to Allen, founder of Vulcan and Microsoft. Vulcan also manages Allen’s investment in the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks.

5. $72 million Phoenix, Oregon interchange complete 

The project features the first “diverging diamond” roadway in Oregon. The new interchange will allow for improved freeway access, which the Mail Tribune reports should help attract large companies to the region.

6. Final presidential debate tonight

The third debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump begins at 6 p.m. PST. OPB lists four things viewers should watch for.

7. Measure 97 and Phil Knight: Two sides of the coin

OB editor Linda Baker writes the tax hike and Nike founder have more in common than you think.

8. How to invest in these turbulent times

OB columnist Jason Norris says uncertainty is the only certainty there is.