Five snippets from the Oregon DNC delegation

The Democratic National Convention opened Monday amid a cloud of controversy and massive protests by die hard Bernie Sanders supporters. 

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Here are five tidbits about the Oregon delegation, many of whom used crowdfunding to pay the average $3,000 per person cost to participate. Sanders’ delegates have a website dedicated to fundraising, AdoptABernieDelegate. Hillary Clinton delegates seem to be on their own. Many turned to GoFundMe. 

1. Delegate split

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Oregon sent 74 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The state’s delegates are split in favor of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Thirty-nine are assigned to the Vermont senator, while only 29 are assigned to Secretary Hillary Clinton.

2. Oregon speaks

Tina Kotek 2

Two Oregon representatives spoke Monday night at the convention. One was House Speaker Tina Kotek. “As the first lesbian speaker of any state house in our nation, I have personally witnessed the tremendous progress toward equalty and justice for the LGBTQ community,” Kotek said. “We have come so far. And we cannot, we cannot go back. I’m known for being someone who tells it like it is, and the fact is I’m with Hillary Clinton, because she is with me.”  

Sen. Jeff Merkley — the only senator to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for president — also spoke at the convention. “Whether you spent this year ‘feeling the Bern,’ or you spent this year ‘ready for Hillary,’ all of us are ready for an America that rejects discrimination and embraces diversity, that celebrated voter empowerment, not voter suppression, that creates opportunity for all of us not just the lucky few.”


3. Making LGBTQ history 

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The first openly gay couple representing Oregon at the convention have pledged to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

4. Diehard delegate

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One of Oregon’s delegates, Wayne Kinney, has represented the state at the DNC five times. Kinney has worked for U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden’s office since 1996. 

5. Oregon goes it alone

Crowne Plaza Philadelphia Valley Forge photos Exterior

Oregon delegates, all 74 of them, will stay at the Crowne Plaza-King of Prussia hotel. The hotel is located across the street from the King of Prussia Mall and Costco. The Oregon delegates are the only delegates staying in the hotel. Their Republican counterparts were also holed up alone during the Republican National Convention last week.