Morning Roundup: Vancouver beer profile grows; edibles for sale

In today’s news: Portland brew scene expands across the river, while marijuana taps the food market.

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Beer on the move. Portland has always been proud of its beer-centric community. Now we’re sharing the love with neighbors across the river. The Oregonian reports that in the past year, more than a dozen breweries have opened in the Couve, where the first brewery opened in 1856, later home to Henry Weinhard.

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Marijuana treats. The final stage of the legal recreational marijuana process will be implemented tomorrow, when edibles go on the market. The Oregon Health Authority developed temporary rules last month for the sale of edible products, which allow dispensaries to sell to recreational customers until Jan. 1, 2017.  OPB has more on the rules for purchase.

A princely sum. How much does a presidential candidate visit cost the host city? A cool $180,000. At least that’s according to a city of Portland audit, which tallied the cost during the past two years of providing security for visitng candidates. These costs are refundable, but the Portland Tribune reports the city has yet to get its money back.


Transcontinental travel. Beginning March 26, 2017, Portland travelers will have access to a direct flight to London. Operated by Delta, the flights are part of a partnership with Virgin Atlantic, which is adding 50 daily seats between Seattle and London as well. The Register-Guard has more.


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Apple flop. The Apple Watch may not be as successful as hoped. Consumers view the device as merely an accessory to the iPhone, and a complex one at that. This is causing a problem for developers, who aren’t creating apps for the watch as frequently. Read more from Wareable.


Stock market success. Investors scored a victory Tuesday when a Delaware judge ruled the Dell buyout in 2013 was undervalued by 22%. The ruling found fair value per share was $17.62, not the $13.75 investors reveived.  Read more from Reuters.