Morning roundup: Business tax $600 hit; toxins in Yamhill River

This morning we read about the impact of IP28 on the consumer; what’s more, toxins aren’t just in the air anymore.


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No surprises. Legislative analysis found Initiative Petition 28 — seeking a tax increase on businesses to raise revenue — would negatively impact consumers. The initiative is already largely opposed by businesses, but it’s likely to garner further opposition with the findings that middle and low-income families would pay additional indirect taxes. A family making about $50,000 annually could face more than $600 in additional taxes. The Register Guard has more.

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Water toxins. In a variation on recent toxic air pollution themes, a Sheridan wood preserving facility has been fined for toxic discharge in the South Yamhill River. The Statesman Journal reports Pacific Wood Preserving of Oregon, purchased by McFarland Cascade Holdings in 2013, was fined $7,217 for discharging pentachlorophenal and copper into the river. The Department of Environmental Quality found that in the year since Pacific Wood was permitted to operate, it exceeded the allowable chemical discharge levels twice.


Commuter-anger validated. Thanks to a state study, commuters have data-driven cause to complain about the traffic during their commute. The study found commuters spend 52 hours a year stuck in traffic, a 13 percent increase in five years. That congestion is also impacting the economy. Traffic delays mean delays in deliveries. Read more from the Portland Tribune.

On the move. Originating in Bend, BendPoly is taking its program to George Fox University in Newberg. The program started in 2015 to provide technical education for liberal arts students seeking a career outside their chosen academic field. To date, the program has worked with about 20 students, and another 20 have been accepted into the university-funded program. The Portland Business Journal has more.


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Fast exit. Sports Authority has reminded its announcement that 140 stores would close, the sporting good chain will instead close all 463 of its stores — that includes 10 in Oregon. Liquidation sales are expected to begin Friday, with storefronts shuttered by August. USA Today has more.

Oracle v. Google. The result of a $9 billion lawsuit is near as closing arguments were heard Monday in Oracle’s lawsuit against software-giant Google. Oracle alleges Google illegally used pieces of Java technology in its Android operating system, which Google argues was legal under “fair use.” The result of this lawsuit could impact the way software is utilized in the future, and what open source really means in today’s digital world. Read more from Business Insider.