Morning Roundup: Ted wheels in Portland; Nestle future dim in Gorge

In today’s news roundup, Ted wheels in Portland mayoral election, while Nestle’s future in Gorge dims. 

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The deciders. Much of Oregon politics was decided in last night’s primary election. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took Oregon with 54 percent of the vote — perhaps that bird tattoo is in sight. Portland also has a new mayor.  In an unexpected landslide, Ted Wheeler swept the vote with 58 percent. Second place Jules Bailey earned a mere 16 percent. For more election results, and their impact, visit OPB.

Never ending saga. In response to a 15-page letter chastising Oracle and its role in Cover Oregon’s failure, Oracle has sent a 21-page letter blaming state officials for ineptitude. Oracle’s letter responds to at the state’s letter, written by a D.C. lawyer representing the U.S. House. The software company claims Oregon’s missive demonstrates the state’s unwillingness to take responsibility for its failure. The Portland Business Journal has more.

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Nestle blocked. Essentially ending a seven-year battle, Hood River County voted to approve the nation’s first initiative to block water bottling plants. Passing by a 69 percent vote, Nestle will not be able to build its bottling plant in Cascade Locks. The city had hoped to provide econominc development, by selling its well water for state spring water, and then selling that water to Nestle. The Statesman Journal has more.

Balancing act. Bend is considering reducing its fossil fuel use by 40 percent, but businesses fear ordinance will place an undue burden on the economy. The city says businesses would be incentivized to embrace environmentally friendly technolody to reduce carbon emissions, but many businesses stil view the possibility as a threat to commerce. Read more from the Bend Bulletin.



Spanish drama. Netflix will partner with Spanish-language network Univision for its broadcast programming, as well as two original series. One of which will feature the Mexican drug lord “El Chapo.” This deal will be the first time Netflix original content, which has been growing rapidly in the past two years, will air on broadcast television. CNET has more.

Overtime payout. The Obama adminitration is finalizing a rule today that will provide an estimated 4.2 million Americans with overtime pay. The new rule says salary workers paid less than $47,476 a year must receieve overtime pay for time past the 40 hour benchmark. The current threshold was set at a mere $23,660. This threshold will affect about 35 percent of the nation’s salaried workers. Get more information on the rule from NPR.