Craft beer vets target SE PDX

Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog and Art Larrance of Cascade Brewing are set to open new brewpubs in Southeast Portland.

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Amidst the closure of Roots Brewing last week, two veterans of the Oregon craft beer scene are opening new brewpubs in Southeast Portland.

Alan Sprints has been working to move Hair of the Dog to a new space with twice the space and an actual tasting room.

Meanwhile, Art Larrance is opening the Cascade Brewing Barrel House to showcase sour beers.

“I hope to be open by mid-August,” said Larrance, who estimates that the entire project including the cost of the building will be about $1.25 million. “We’re down to the final steps. Building it ourselves probably took longer, but we were able to do it from cash flow. And we did it as a team, and when everyone on the team contributes, that builds rapport in a small company and develops new skills.”

Work was a little bumpier for Sprints, who said his first contractor went 100 percent over his bid, didn’t pay all of the subcontractors and didn’t secure the necessary city permits. Sprints fired him and litigation is pending, which is why he declined to name the contractor or disclose how much he’s invested so far. And there’s more money to be spent before he can open his doors to the public, or even begin brewing beer.


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