Squarespace struggles with diversity-in-tech

Former employee Stephanie Duncker claims she was snubbed when she addressed diversity demographics at the Portland customer care office.

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According to Duncker, she was the only black employee at the Portland office at the time she left. And when she brought it up, she was rebuffed.

The Portland Business Journal included the following excerpt of her post:

“When I brought this to their attention and asked for more diversified recruiting efforts they basically blamed it on the demographics of Portland. Being the type of person I am, I came prepared with stats. I told them that if Portland is 6.3% black then there should be at least 10 black people there based on the demographics, instead of the two there were at the time. Of course the response to this was some mess about preserving the culture (their go-to deflection/response for just about any concern brought up). It took everything within my power not to say ‘So…you’re telling me you’re more interested in propping up a culture that’s exclusionary to black people than actually changing that culture to be more inclusive.’”

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