Emails show John Kitzhaber delayed labor, business tax reform

The final batch of recently released emails of former governor John Kitzhaber reveal he convinced all sides of the tax battle to stand down in 2014. Unions and businesses will continue the fight over business tax increases this election year.

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Groups backed by unions are looking to levy the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history, hitting only businesses with more than $25 million in annual sales. Businesses, for their part, are looking to put a dent in the political power of public-employee unions in Oregon.

… Emails from one of several personal accounts Kitzhaber used for public business give new insight into how he worked to convince the groups angling for a battle in 2014 to wait until after the election, when the issue could be used to create pressure for comprehensive tax reform in the 2015 legislative session.

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Marci Pelletier, owner of Shwop in Portland and member of the Main Street Alliance of Oregon, shares her opinion on corporate taxes in an OB Must Read, “Op-Ed: Raising Corporate Taxes is the Smart and Fair Solution.”

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