Nanonengineer to lead Knight Cancer Center

OHSU has hired a UCSD engineering professor, Sadik Esener, to lead the $1B center.

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  From Oregonlive:

   “Born in Turkey and raised in France, Esener has spent the past three decades at the University of California, San Diego, where he is professor of nanoengineering and electrical and computer engineering. He holds 18 patents and has launched more than 10 startups, including companies focused on the improved treatment and detection of cancer.

    He’s been interested in cancer-related technologies for more than two decades, he said. His work on small sensing devices, or biochips, led to DNA fingerprinting and detection of certain changes in the blood, signaling the development of cancer. That invention was spun off into a company, as was his technology to analyze cancer cells with laser light.”


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