Startup sues “The Office” star

Portland startup Think Brilliant has sued actor Rainn Wilson over his website, SoulPancake.

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Portland startup Think Brilliant has sued TV star Rainn Wilson of “The Office,” alleging he didn’t properly compensate the company for helping to develop his website, SoulPancake.

The suit seeks compensation of up to $11.3 million.

SoulPancake is a collaborative site that’s part philosophy, part silliness: (It asks visitors “What role should religion play for scientists?” and “What’s your poetic comfort food?”)

The company says that it gave SoulPancake access to a database containing its proprietary information, but that the company or Wilson “surreptitiously hacked into plaintiff’s database with an unauthorized ‘administrator’ password, extracted confidential materials” and gained access to Think Brilliant’s confidential materials.


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