Gov. Kate Brown adds minimum wage raise, graduation rate to 2016 agenda

Gov. Brown announced her 2016 policy focus Wednesday, with an emphasis on Oregon’s economy and education.

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On the economy, the governor wants to substantially increase the minimum wage. Last week Brown unveiled a legislative plan to raise the minimum wage to $13.50 by 2022. Part of the plan is that Portland would have its own minimum wage set 15 percent higher than the rest of the state, or $15.52. Senate President Peter Courtney and Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, the state’s top Democratic legislators, both pledged their support.

…With education, Brown continues to stand by her “cradle-to-career” plans. She hopes to boost low high school graduation rates by appointing an Education Innovation Officer; at 72 percent, Oregon’s graduation rate ranks in the bottom five states. A council will also be formed to help train and mentor Oregon teachers.

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Republican officials say increasing the minimum wage will cut jobs in rural areas. Republican Representative Mike McLane told the Statesman Journal that Gov. Brown’s education plan will add more bureaucracy.