Oregon voter registration law moves forward

Program ready to launch shortly after the new year.

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Oregon’s voter registration program is ready to launch shortly after the new year.

The state government will make some tweaks during the implementation of the law before the primary.

“Some people will choose to participate in one election to another or not at all, but it’s not a question that (voters) should have to necessarily climb a mountain to be able to register to vote,” Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins said Monday during an update with reporters.

The new law, which was the first of its kind in the U.S. and is now being replicated in California, was a priority of Gov. Kate Brown, who proposed it in the Legislature in 2013 and again this year before taking over when John Kitzhaber resigned as governor.

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Under the law, information received by the DMV will automatically be sent to the Secretary of State.

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