Airbnb prevails in San Francisco

SF GATE: Voters reject expanded regulations on short-term rentals.

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SF GATE: Voters reject expanded regulations on short-term rentals.

Prop. F was one of the most contentious issues on the ballot and centered on whether vacation rentals divert scarce housing to lucrative illegal year-round hotels, as its backers claimed, or help middle-class people make ends meet, as Airbnb and other opponents of the measure said. Airbnb spent millions to defeat the measure, running the most expensive campaign in this city election.

“Voters stood up for working families’ right to share their homes and opposed an extreme, hotel-industry-backed measure,” Airbnb spokesman Christopher Nulty said in a statement. Noting that Airbnb mobilized its local user base to go door to door, he added, “The effort showed that home sharing is both a community and a movement.”

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