Group pursues initiative to raise taxes on corporations by more than $2.5B annually

Our Oregon, which is backed by unions, has scheduled rallies on Oct. 3 in major cities around the state.

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A group that is backed by unions announced Wednesday that it is pursuing a ballot initiative that would raise taxes on corporations by $2.5 billion annually.

Our Oregon has scheduled rallies on Oct. 3 in major cities around the state.

Their determination to move ahead will rekindle the bitter fight that unions and business waged in 2010 over Measures 66 and 67, the voter-approved tax hikes on corporations and well-to-do personal income taxpayers.

“I think this kind of investment into Oregon from out-of-state corporations will bring a dramatic improvement to Oregon’s economy,” said Ben Unger, executive director of Our Oregon.

The group says it will pursue an initiative that would target corporations reaching $25 million in annual sales.  Under the measure, corporations above that sales levels would pay a minimum tax of $30,000 a year, plus 2.5 percent of sales above $25 million.


The 2016 ballot is going to be rich in initiatives.

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